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Do we need to assign the Story Points at the Story level or Task level ?

Last post 03:14 pm December 9, 2019 by Paulo Amaral
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05:01 am December 2, 2019

Hello Everyone, 

I would like to know the following and please provide your inputs.

a) Do we need to assign the Story Points at the Story level or Task level ?

Example : I have a main Story consists of 3 tasks and I have assigned story points to each task ( example : 1st Task - 2 SP ; 2nd Task - 3 SP ; 3rd Task - 2 SP).

Can I assign 7 Story Points to the main Story ?

Thanks in advance !!

Thanks & Regards,

Suresh Prabhu


04:55 pm December 2, 2019

You don't need to assign story points any more than you need stories or tasks.

The Scrum Guide says:

At any point in time in a Sprint, the total work remaining in the Sprint Backlog can be summed

How do the team think they can best achieve this?

05:06 pm December 2, 2019

My opinion is that you don't need story points at all but know that many use them. So why are you using them and how does the team feel the activity will help them the best? 

04:08 am December 3, 2019

Thanks Ian & Daniel for your inputs.



Suresh Prabhu.

06:53 pm December 4, 2019

My 2 cents.  Story points for stories, hours for task.

To forecast number of stories per sprint, we add their total story points and compare with team velocity. 

Within sprint we track tasks by hours remaining thru burndown chart. 

If your stories are of same size, then you don't need to use story points.  Just count.

I hope our practice is correct per scrum.

08:08 pm December 4, 2019

I hope our practice is correct per scrum.

@Irma Irosido, Neither are necessary as per Scrum. Also, you may want to consider if you want to use both hours and points. Consider if that could be an unnecessary overhead

10:06 pm December 4, 2019

Irma, to add to Steve's observation, a task-based burndown chart can radiate healthy sprint progress even though stories are in an incomplete state and at risk.

You may find yourself at the end of a sprint where most of the identified tasks are finished, yet none of Sprint Backlog items (along with the Sprint Goal) are complete.   Measuring task completion actually detracts from the Scrum "goal" of item completion (meeting DoD).

Keep in mind that whether you use story points or task hours, these are both just estimates (guesses).   Therefore, there isn't really anything to be gained by substituting one type of estimate for another in a burndown view (SP/Velocity <=> Hours/Capacity)

02:41 am December 5, 2019

Thanks for your insights.  Personally I like listing tasks as to-do list/ action items (based on DoD mostly)  and track completion.  But  I agree, updating hours in the tool is extra work but we manage. Once i finish task assigned to me i update done hours.  

The vibe I'm getting is not to practice Agile/Scrum for the sake of practicing Agile/Scrum but for the sake of delivering product of value.  I fully agree. 

10:56 am December 6, 2019

Story points should be at Story level not Task level. "Story Points" name itself says.

02:04 pm December 9, 2019

Forget finding out where to apply these, you should find out what problem you're trying to solve by using Story Points. 

Are you using SP's because you're trying to put together a team's velocity? Ok Cool! Who's looking at the velocity? Is it being used for planning at the team level or is it being weaponized by management?

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