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Last post 10:19 pm January 19, 2020
by Alfredo Alcantara
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03:30 pm January 10, 2020


I'm not sure if it is the right forum to ask the question .... There are a lot of devops certification proposed in the market, which one do you recommend (more global or "generalist" and not specific to a given "tool") ? 



11:45 am January 15, 2020

Hi Andre

Could this be worth you looking at -

They offer a number of certifications and are independent of any particular tool.


12:46 pm January 15, 2020

Hello Andre,

Like you already know, DevOps is a technology stack where you learn to use the different applications and a programming language 'on the job'.
This means that any and all DevOps certifications will only test your basic knowledge of certain techniques, methods and principles.

That said, If you want some certifications in DevOps, I would suggest Dasa DevOps and if you work/live in North-West Europe you could also/instead do the EXIN DevOps.

Hope that this helps.

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10:19 pm January 19, 2020

I am not sure it is valuable to have a DevOps certification. Much more valuable your portfolio list.