About product owner/scrum master knowledge

Last post 04:31 pm January 19, 2020
by Aram Zoryan
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02:30 pm January 16, 2020


I wonder how much should scrum master or product owner know about software architecture? 

Thank you in advance. 

11:20 pm January 17, 2020

They might not need to know anything about software architecture, but any extra knowledge that the Scrum Master or Product Owner do have would allow them to ask more relevant conversations, so that the entire Scrum Team can collaborate.

This extra knowledge could be harmful if the Scrum Master or Product Owner use it in a way that disrespects the role of the Development Team.

Are the Development Team able to make the right architectural decisions that support a continuous delivery of value? Do architectural decisions support the Product Owner in being able to manage the Product Backlog and maximize value? Do these architectural decisions maximize opportunities to inspect and adapt; perhaps by releasing regular increments to the customer and obtaining feedback?

12:12 pm January 18, 2020

Thank you, Simon. Your response was very helpful).