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Preparing for PAL-1: beware PAL-1 Certification unlike the Open Assessments

Last post 05:23 pm June 8, 2022 by Elena Onofrasc
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04:30 pm January 29, 2020

I feel the PAL-1 Open Assessments do not accurately reflect the Certification test.  I took the Open Assessments a couple of times, both to see what the test felt like and as a "warm up" to the actual exam.  Imagine my surprise when they were nothing alike, although I did pass the first time.

Almost all (if not all) of the Open Assessment questions are True/False on short statements.  Almost all (if not all) of the Certification questions are "Choose the Best" from several choices -- many in "story problem" format.

Beware to the test taker who thinks the Open Assessment is similar to the real Certification exam.

04:22 pm February 4, 2020

Hi, thanks for sharing and congrats for passing in cold blood :)

I'm preapring to the PAL I exam. I study the Learning Path plus of course general knowledge of Scrum (I passed PSM I).

Can you suggest any useful resources or share some tips on preapring to the exam?


02:10 pm February 5, 2020

The suggested reading (and video) do a fairly good job of prepping you for the certification.

I'd suggest paying very close attention to the various roles (Product Owner, Stakeholders, etc..) and how they fit into the larger picture of Scrum.

09:58 am June 8, 2022


I just passed the PAL1 certification, and yes, the questions from exam are not the same or similar with those from Open Assesment.

The questions from exam have a lot of: "choose the better option" in comparation with the True or False from Open Assesment.

Make sure that you read:

* Evidence-Based Managemnt from learning path:… 

* Organizational Design and Culture:…

* Self-Managing Teams:…;

* Understand the Scrum Guide and take the open assessment from PSM1 and PSPO1.

* The Management needs to support and accept the Product Owner decision regarding the most valuble features for a product.