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The meaning no one can force Dec team

Last post 03:32 pm February 24, 2020 by Daniel Wilhite
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02:12 am February 21, 2020

For the Product Owner to succeed, the entire organization must respect his or her decisions. The Product Owner’s decisions are visible in the content and ordering of the Product Backlog. No one can force the Development Team to work from a different set of requirements. 

Sentence No one can force the Development Team to work from a different set of requirements, does it means only PO can force Dec team to work from a set of requirements ?


07:07 pm February 21, 2020

Personally, I would not label the interaction between the PO and the Development Team as the PO "forcing" the Development Team to do anything.   That just has an unhealthy connotation associated with it, in my opinion.

But the overall intent is there, in that the Development Team is reliant on the Product Owner's discretion and planning to support their value delivery.   Work accepted and forecast by the Development Team should originate from the Product Owner as close to "always' as possible.

08:38 pm February 21, 2020

does it means only PO can force Dec team to work from a set of requirements ?

Nobody can force a Scrum Development Team to do any work at all.

03:55 pm February 22, 2020

I wouldn't say that the Product Owner forces the Development Team to work from a set of requirements. The Scrum Guide states that "people personally commit to achieving the goals of the Scrum Team". I would say that the Development Team, being professionals, are choosing to work with the Product Owner on the ordering of the Product Backlog and then commit to achieving their goals. As professionals, the Development Team can provide input regarding risks and opportunities with respect to the ordering of the Product Backlog, make reasonable forecasts on the work that they are able to accomplish, and commit to the team goals.

03:32 pm February 24, 2020

Don't read too much into a single sentence.  Take it in context with the rest of the guide.  This is Twitter where you entire message is conveyed in 280 characters. 

All of the above answers are correct. No one forces a Development Team to work from any kind of documentation.  A Development Team chooses to work from a set of information provided by the Product Owner out of respect for the person filling that role. The Product Owner encourages the Development Team to pull bodies of work from the Product Backlog that will deliver valuable increments of product because they are trusted to make the right decisions. 

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