Cleared PSM 2.. What's next?

Last post 01:45 am February 26, 2020
by Mark Adams
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03:19 pm February 25, 2020

I cleared PSM 2 in first attemt. I am wondering what can I do to grow my knowledge further in Scrum? I read books and planning to attend Scrum meet-ups in London.  I currently work as Scrum Master and plan to continue for the next few years.

What's the  career path for a Scrum Master? Has anyone here grown form a Scrum Master to another role in his/her career?

07:01 pm February 25, 2020

I think it largely depends on your interests....  I started off in the Business / Product Ownership realm and moved into the Scrum Master role because I wanted to share my enthusiasm for Scrum and help others (individual and orgs) become even better at what they do every day. 

I can see myself moving back into the Product role at some point because it's an area that really interests me and I do miss doing it at times. 

One thing I like about the Scrum Master position is that every team and organization are ultimately different and will present new and unique challenges. You don't always have to change your role to grow if you change your environment. 


01:45 am February 26, 2020

I would encourage you to take in-person training classes from or other Agile organizations. You will find the in-person education valuable because you will learn not just from a knowledgeable instructor, but also from your peers. And once you're ready, work towards the PSM III. It is a valuable certification.

Scrum Masters typically move up to Agile Coach or a Scrum Trainer role.