Remote Scrum exercises

Last post 02:29 pm March 24, 2020
by Frances Morris
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01:44 pm March 19, 2020

In normal circumstances we would onboard a client to Scrum through a workshop with exercises using Lego to demonstrate the common pitfalls of a bad Product Owner (based off the Lego4Scrum exercises).

With the current situation we're not able to do this but are still keen to run some workshops with clients. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for exercises that can work remotely? If I come up with anything myself I'll also post here.


09:35 am March 24, 2020

having similar issues..  I run a number of training coursers - and recently ran a user story course over zoom, which was ok as we could break into zoom rooms and 'write' stuff together.

I'm struggling with how to demonstrate a scrum sprint, estimating & producing something collaboratively.

I was going to take a look at the XP Game again.  maybe get attendees to make paper hats or find cards in a card deck, will need a lot of moderation and an assumption that everyone has access to materials.