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Last post 03:20 am March 26, 2020
by Sherwin Soriano
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10:45 am March 25, 2020

Hi guys, I had a course and did my PSM I certificate and I am looking for a career change. I was working mostly in hospitality as a manager before.

I have few skills from my previous jobs that could be relevant I suppose, like coaching and planning, leading, dealing with conflicts and facilitating duties and generally dealing with teams of people. On the other side, I am self-learning different useful skills like using Jira and Confluence, sprint planning, facilitation tools and techniques.

Any advice for my job hunt? Any way I can get some experience in this field ?

12:05 am March 26, 2020

You will likely need to make certain keywords stand out in your resume and your online profile. Start by applying to junior Scrum Master roles (if you find any) or a junior Project Manager/Associate role which will help you get into the door. If you are leaning towards Product Management, you can start with Product Analyst or junior Product roles to get into the technology sector. You can apply directly on company websites but will likely get offers for contract opportunities. Take the contract roles so you can get the experience.

03:20 am March 26, 2020

Try to attend/collaborate on agile meet-ups in your area to expand your network.