Technical debt - Definition of Done

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by Gongyuan Chen
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02:14 pm March 28, 2020

Hi Scrum friends,

While in quarantine i decided to write an article about the Technical debt.


I was wondering can you eliminate or decrease the amount of TD with a proper DoD? 


Thank you for your answers :)

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08:23 pm March 28, 2020

What is a "proper" Definition of Done, in your view?

10:03 pm March 28, 2020

I was wondering can you eliminate or decrease the amount of TD with a proper DoD? 

Eliminate? No. Decrease? Perhaps.

Consider the idea of the Technical Debt Quadrants that Martin Fowler wrote about.

When well crafted and applied during the estimation of work and Sprint Planning, a Definition of Done can probably have an impact on the Deliberate Reckless type of technical debt. In this case, the Definition of Done can help the team to understand what they are agreeing to produce for the increment and using that to guide the amount of work they take into the Sprint. With appropriate commitment and focus, the team can ensure that the work and the increment meets the Definition of Done by the end of the Sprint.

However, the Definition of Done won't do much to help for Inadvertent Reckless or Inadvertent Prudent technical debt.

The Deliverate Prudent form of technical debt may arise if the team ops to deliver work that doesn't fully meet the definition of done. This can be a risk, but may be acceptable by the team and stakeholders.

04:37 pm March 29, 2020

The early refinement is clear.When the sprint goal is agreed during sprint planning, the general TD will be reduced.