Whats next? After PSM level 1

Last post 08:51 pm April 2, 2020
by Roger Arnold
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08:37 am April 1, 2020

Hi Guys 

Need some advice. I am a new Scrum master with only a few months experience. I have completed my PSM level 1 and I'm wanting to improve as a scrum master. I have spoken to a few experienced scrum maters and they have all given me different and sometime contradicting advice. Some say get more experience first. Others say learn multiple frameworks. Others say go do your PMP for example or learn more about the other roles.e.g. Learn a coding Language or do a course on how to become a PO.  Which would you recommend? The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner , PSM level 2 or PSPO level one. I'm not sure I have enough direct experience for the PSM level 2 at this current stage.  Any advice would be great. 


05:04 pm April 1, 2020

Experience is key to being of becomming a good SM. Knowledge is important, but experience is key.

My advice would be, if you are comfortable with the basic Scrum knowledge, start as SM with an experienced "mentor" closeby. Even better would be to start off as the right hand of an expereinced SM so you can safely get some experience and insight knowledge, and than, after you feel you gained enough for the next step, ask this question again ;)

06:31 am April 2, 2020

Thank you Xander