What are the pros and cons about Scrum that you have come to realise?

Last post 10:44 am April 4, 2020
by Sanjeev Nanda
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09:48 am April 1, 2020

Hi, my company has provided us with Scrum as our our Work From Home resource. I'm new to the company, the Scrum process, and this method of working in general. My team had been using Scrum from their days as a small garage enterprise - as such, they have become proficiently knowledgeable with the inner workings of this tool-kit, I have not.

The sudden need to lock-down has further alienated me from understanding the process furthermore. I seek guidance, clarification and tutelage over some terminology. I hope with this thread, I can find answers to most basic of problems I would come to face.

The question posed, is only a jumping off point, a hearty discussion about the framework of scrum, will help in understanding it as well.

05:00 pm April 1, 2020

I think the biggest PRO is even in your opening post: if teams are truly empowered and self organizing, even during a lockdown the whole development process still continues!

Isn't that amazing!

05:20 am April 2, 2020

You should look into taking an in-person (or virtual for now) training class from Scrum.org and other Agile training providers. There is are a ton of resources available for free on Scrum.org, however, the certification training will help you with your understanding and application of your new knowledge.

08:42 am April 3, 2020

I have been browsing through Youtube, watching tutorial after tutorial, and have come to really appreciate the ins-n-outs of the software. I'm honestly amazed how future-proof Scrum actually is - and also that even my team hasn't been able to fully utilize all the faculties that the toolkit provides. I agree, Xander, if our core team wasn't organized as well as it is, I would've given up on even bothering with it completely.

My learning of Scrum is ongoing, and will keep posting any new features that I would come to appreciate during this lock-down ordeal.

10:44 am April 4, 2020

Scrum has a particular groove to it all. Nearly a week in, and I'm starting to realize how daunting all of it was on face value. I've also began to acknowledge how "point-based" all of it actually is.

I wish I could tell the developers that the biggest hurdle any new person would face while using Scrum - is the very idea of it!

~Sanjeev Nanda