Any Professional Agile Leadership™ (PAL I) certification holder to spend 15 minutes to talk on the profession?

Last post 08:37 am April 10, 2020
by Sanjeev Nanda
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09:24 am April 6, 2020

Hi Community,

I would like to have a quick conversation with Professional Agile Leadership™ (PAL I) about the Industry. Please reach out if you can spend 15 minutes talking on this. I promise that it will not take more than that. I am not selling anything. I want only to learn from your experience. 


Thank you in advance.

08:37 am April 10, 2020

If possible, can it be streamed live as well? There are surely plenty of folks new to the system, looking for advice on this amazing tool at hand. Looking forward to your reply.

~Sanjeev Nanda