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Velocity and Stakeholders?

Last post 12:13 pm April 18, 2020 by Chris Belknap
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03:56 pm April 14, 2020

Hi there!


I thought I had very clear the topic of velocity: output vs outcome, not for productivity, only for the team, but I have no asnwer for this question:


What metrics can use stakeholders then? How can a stakeholder influence in what a scrum team is capable of achieving?


Thank you!

08:56 am April 15, 2020

Have you taken a look at the Evidence Based Management resources on this site?

12:33 pm April 15, 2020

Think about for a moment what a business leader at Uber would care about: would they care about the driver's gas mileage? Tire pressure? Oil levels in the car? Routes taken by the driver?

Would it be possible for the above driver's metrics to be perfect and still fail? Would it be possible for a Dev Team to have what appears to be some "target velocity" met and still fail? Of course!

A business leader might care more about value, in the context of the customer:

  • How happy were customers with the service? Will they tell their friends about good and bad service?
  • How often people use the service?
  • Repeat customers?

In the context of the business, they will care about revenue trends and making money.

12:50 pm April 15, 2020

Thank you, totally agree. The point is 'how to influence on what are they capable of'.

11:36 pm April 16, 2020

How about leaders providing vision and high level goals, and trusting the team to figure out how they can meet those outcomes? 

07:27 am April 17, 2020

What metrics can use stakeholders then? How can a stakeholder influence in what a scrum team is capable of achieving?

Do you use any metrics for goals/objectives like OKRs ? Are these objectives validated with each increment delivery ? Agree with @Ian , how about EBM ?  

07:48 am April 17, 2020

Chris Belknap, amazing response on this topic. Makes everything clear! I had to think hard about this one, before even attempting to answer it. One should reverse engineer their outcomes, think about the end-result (not their goals), and devise a strategy that maximizes this the output to serve this result. One should not only think of these in absolutes, but 'mean(s)' to an end.

12:13 pm April 18, 2020

@sanjeev: look into impact mapping to align goals and outcomes to product backlog items, Here's a nice article:

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