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Is Daily Scrum and Daily Standup same?

Last post 05:35 pm January 25, 2021 by Simon Mayer
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07:47 pm April 26, 2020

08:46 pm April 26, 2020

That all depends on what you mean by a Daily Standup, there is not Daily Standup in Scrum, only a Daily Scrum for many reasons.  


1.  Calling it a standup almost always leads to a status meeting of everyone standing up and telling status... See the goals of the Daily Scrum as written in the Scrum Guide:

2.  Have you ever had someone on your Scrum Team who cannot stand?  I have and they are quite offended by having to attend a stand up meeting.

3.  Common vocabulary is quite important across teams and having them understand what everyone means and is saying all of the time otherwise you gain different expectations.


03:44 pm April 27, 2020

The daily Scrum VS. the daily stand-up

A daily scrum is an event that is clearly defined in the Scrum Guide and is a specific Scrum practice.

The daily scrum is a meeting for the development team to communicate face to face and create a day plan for their work. It is not a status update for stakeholders! This meeting is for the Development Team only, the Scrum master is required to facilitate this meeting. Please note that this meeting is a time-box for only 15 minutes, only the development team speaks for the duration of the meeting. 

 The daily stand-up is a similar meeting to the daily scrum, without the restrictions and guidance of the Scrum guide. comparably, the daily stand-up is to check in to see how things are progressing and if anyone needs any help.

As a formal retail store manager we use to use conduct daily stand- up any day and anytime to align the team with that we wish to accomplish within the day or next hour. The meeting can be 5 minutes or more depending on what we wish to accomplish. On an extreme programming team, it can be used to agree to pair arrangements for the day.

The simple answer to your question is that these two meetings are not the same in any sense. There is no daily stand-up in scrum but daily scrum. Daily stand up does not need to enforce the requirements that come with daily scrum, for instance, the daily scrum is a 15 -minute time box event, which doesn't apply to the daily stand up.

Inclusion, daily stand-up does not limit participation to just the development team. Anyone can attend the daily stand-up and talk about anything. In some cases, the product owner would attend daily stand-up to talk about his/her activities for the day to raise transparency and openness. 

If you are a Scrum Master please don't fall for anything like daily stand-up, make sure you are only promoting the Scrum framework and its values period. It's your job to educate the organization about these two meetings.

10:06 am June 20, 2020

The Daily scrum is one of the prescribed events in Scrum Guide. The daily scrum is a short everyday meeting for the development team to create a plan for the next 24 hours. The product owner does not have to be present at the daily scrum and the scrum master’s responsibility is to ensure it happens, only the development team speak and observe 15 mins time-box.

The development team inspect how they are progressing toward the sprint goal and to inspect how progress is trending toward completing the work in the sprint backlog using the three questions as a guide:

• What did I do yesterday that helped the Development Team meet the Sprint Goal?

• What will I do today to help the Development Team meet the Sprint Goal?

• Do I see any impediment that prevents me or the Development Team from meeting the Sprint Goal?

Scrum does not specify a definite format for the Daily Scrum. As a self-organizing unit, the development team should decide this. If development team think that they want to have it as more discussion based then they can do it. Development Team often meet immediately after the Daily Scrum for detailed discussions, or to adapt, or replan, the rest of the Sprint’s work.

Scrum does not define when and where the daily scrum should occur. Many teams find that having a consistent time and place where they can see the sprint plan is beneficial as it reduces complexity.

The scrum master can help encourage self-organization by discouraging team members from talking directly at them, status update style.

The daily stand-up

Daily stand-up, as the name suggests, is a daily status meeting among all members of the team.

It is a similar meeting to the daily scrum, without the constraints & guidance of the Scrum guide. During  daily stand-up team usually review what has been completed, upcoming work, issues, coordinate hand-offs and discuss common problems.

The daily stand-up does not need to have the 15-minute time-box. The scrum master, the product owner, and the delivery team attend the stand-up on a daily basis.

11:38 am January 21, 2021

"Also note, that the Daily Scrum does not need to be done “Standing”. The “Daily Standup” is an expression from Extreme Programming. Not Scrum. If you want to do it sitting down, go right ahead, but saying that, by “Standing Up” you are in an uncomfortable position and more likely to have a shorter rather than longer meeting thus keeping within the 15-minute time-box."

07:11 pm January 21, 2021

I definitely quote Hana Abdelhadi lean answer.

I could also add that, on my personal Scrum Master experience, i chose the standup version when i had a large Developer Team. A huge Scrum Team could easily exceed 15 minutes and turn a Daily Scrum into a brainstorming. Standing could be a valid deterrent and personal elucidations are always possible in agile environment and more effective.

05:35 pm January 25, 2021

What does it say about our respect for each other, if we only keep to a timebox when we're physically uncomfortable?


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