Passed PSPO II, PSM II and SPS at first attempt in 11 days.

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by Maya Genkova
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07:13 pm May 2, 2020

Prior to exploring new career opportunities, considered to take the Product Owner certification. From the PMI, am certified in PMP, Risk management (RMP) and Agile (ACP), but desired to have Product Owner certification. Compared to other certification providers, doesn’t need renewals, plus any mandatory training to take the assessment and higher threshold for passing at 85% gave more credibility on recognizing knowledge than to make more money for the providers. This perfectly fit the bill in getting certified in a most cost-effective way.

PSPO I or PSM I would have been an ideal start, but with the current situation and extra time on hand, thought of pushing for PSPO II. Opting for an advanced level and not considering the suggested training, I knew of having to compensate with as much online resources available. The inputs from blogs and forums here provided great insights. In addition to the open assessments from, some of the helpful resources as stated by many, links given below.

Surely, there would be more of the free resources, but having saved on the training; I spent a fraction on a few online courses at Udemy and reading eBooks, especially ‘The Professional Product Owner’ by Don and Ralph. Must have put a combined effort for close to 100 hours to take the plunge for taking the first assessment through, the PSPO II. Sense of accomplishment on passing, made me register for PSM II, as well and got that done in following week, soon thereafter with SPS, all three at first attempts.

One may rely on their work experience, though it could be quite different than what is described in the Scrum guides, including Nexus. For passing the exams, the official guides that are luckily quite brief are the biggest help. While, I cleared the three assessments, PSPO II, PSM II and SPS in a span of 11 days in that order by getting progressively higher passing scores on first attempts, I think it’s up to every individual on their comfort and confidence whether to skip the training and also skip the first levels to get certified, I would just it’s certainly doable.

Thanks to the online resources and many folks here on the blogs and forums for their useful suggestions and insights.

Good luck to all for their next helpful certification!

01:58 am May 4, 2020

Hi Dighe,

congratulations on yours certifications.
I want to take the SPS exam in a few days. I haved the certifications PSM I and PSPO I, can you share with me your path for learning for the preparation of the SPS certification ?
what is your advice to sucess in this certification.


02:58 am May 4, 2020

Hi Adnane,

Before taking my first assessment, PSPO II, I put in significant efforts on reading not just related to Product Owner, but also Scrum Master, Scaled Scrum, both Scrum and Nexus guides and took almost all open assessments available at, including Scrum Developer and Scrum with Kanban, plus other practice tests through suggested links, since I expected advance level might carry questions inter-connected under Agile methodology. As a result, I was nearly ready for all three and could take in quick succession.

Accordingly, I would suggest revisiting PSM I and PSPO I practice tests and thoroughly understand the Nexus guide. Go through the SPS related practice tests available online for free and may also consider buying a couple of related on-demand courses/tests. As mentioned, my preparation for all three was running in parallel, but I did score the most in SPS and think you should be fine too.

Best luck!    

06:31 pm May 5, 2020

Thank you @Sanjay, for taking the time to share your preparation to pass the exams. Congratulations to you!

07:02 pm May 9, 2020

Thank you, Emerson. Pleasure to share the experience of getting certified in a more cost effective way and maybe a level higher, if it helps.


03:02 am May 10, 2020

Thank you @Sanjay, for taking the time to share your preparation and advices

03:57 am May 11, 2020

I am interested in taking both PSPO II and PSM II but not sure which to take first. I noticed you took PSPO II first. 

After taking both tests, would you recommend taking PSM II or PSPO II first? I would like to take the 'easier' one first and pass that before attempting the harder one.


Thank you


ps. I already have PSM I, PSPO I, and PAL (taken in that order).

12:40 am May 23, 2020

Just to close the loop, I took the PSM II first and scored 92.8%. That actually gives me confidence to eventually take the PSPO II as well - there is a lot of 'applied' knowledge requires which means that scrum team experience will actually help.

01:04 am May 29, 2020

Congratulations Erwin on passing PSM II. Regret, I had not checked on your earlier query to respond which one to take first. I would have said to go with the work experience that you have most and if not in the same field, PSM II certainly would make more sense.

PSPO II would need relevant study to add to your PSM II material as there is a good degree of overlap between the two.

Good luck on PSPO II. 

01:13 am May 29, 2020

To add, I took the PSPO II exam first as initially it was the only certification I planned. Having the PMI-ACP certification earlier, I wasn't considering PSM II, but subsequent interest in SPS made me go for it. 

03:13 pm May 31, 2020

Thanks, I have the Professional Product Owner Book and will be studying for PSPO II soon. Noted that there is overlap between PSM II and PSPO II material so I will need to revise my PSM II material as well.



04:08 am July 1, 2020

Hi Sanjay,

Congratulation on your certification.

I am also planning for PSPO II exam. I just cleared PSPO I.

Can you please suggest PSPO II exam question practice ? 

Any more insight that can help in PSPO II exam prepration?

Thank you.

11:12 am July 16, 2020

Hi Dighe,

Congratulations on your certifications!
I want to take the PSPO I and PSPO II exam. I had the certifications PSM I, can you share with me useful links and the Udemy courses you have taken?

It would be of great help to me! Thank you in advance!