Why is "Scrum Users" only used once in the guide within Inspection?

Last post 11:17 am May 18, 2020
by Xander Ladage
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09:37 pm May 17, 2020

Studying the guide and I started exploring "Scrum Users".  In the 2017 scrum guide there is a single mention of "Scrum users".  This term is used only in the inspection paragraph around inspecting artifacts and progress towards the sprint goal.

  • Inspection towards the sprint goal - development team
  • Inspection of some artifacts could include stakeholders, or anyone who is using/has involvement with scrum - scrum users?

If so... I'm wondering why does the guide mentions "scrum users" once within the inspection paragraph.  The prior transparency paragraph mentioned "those responsible for the outcome" .'. not all scrum users?  Adaptation mentions "if an inspector", so that would include all "scrum users" as mentioned in the inspection paragraph

In summary "scrum users" are is directly in inspection and indirectly referenced in adaptation but not in transparency.  That means sub-section of scrum users are outside of the empirical process, and are working off what "others" know and not direct knowledge and experience.

Other parts of the guide are more explicit, for example the review however the term isn't used here, when it potentially could be? 

wondering what the reasons behind inspection being the only place "scrum users" is used directly?

11:17 am May 18, 2020

"Scrum users" in my view reference everyone and anyone relating to the Scrum process and the increments it delivers.
So, the organization as a whole, including the Scrum teams themselves, but also stakeholders, management etc.
Like: all team members from Scrum teams are Scrum users, not all Scrum users are part of Scrum teams.

Thus indeed, Scrum users include people might not be directly involved in the Scrum process itself, but should be providing feedback, therefore they are part of the "inspection" part. Using the feedback to adapt is done by the Scrum teams, and not all Scrum users are part of that.Transparency in the same analogy, is also within the Scrum teams to foster and take care of.