What "batch size" is?

Last post 05:37 pm June 1, 2020
by Izabela Krupa
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08:38 pm May 25, 2020


I read The Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams and I don't understand what is behind "batch size". I read also polish translation, but still, I don't get it. I can imagine it's a simple question but I struggle. Could you please help me?

05:19 am May 26, 2020

Think of a batch as a group of items drawn from a backlog which are processed jointly, rather than individually. Small batch sizes allow work to be processed comparatively quickly and for value to be evidenced earlier. Limiting inventory, such as work-in-progress, to a certain number of items is a common way of restricting batch size.

02:51 pm June 1, 2020

Thank you, Ian, for the answer. It is now clear to me. :)