"Choose all that apply" : can only one answer be right?

Last post 09:59 pm May 29, 2020
by Daniel Wilhite
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10:35 am May 29, 2020


In the PSPO I,I struggled to choose an answer(s) on a question because of its formulation: 

..."(choose all that apply) :

multiple answer checkbox : A
multiple answer checkbox : B
multiple answer checkbox : C 
multiple answer checkbox : D
multiple answer checkbox : E"

Here, I understand it will have to choose more than one answer because of: 

- choose all that apply
- the multiple answer checkbox (when there is only one possible answer, there is another kind of checkbox).

BUT... the question was obviously concerning only one answer (there was kind of answer as "none of them / all of them").
In your experience, would you say this kind of formulation allows to choose only one answer?
If not, I am not sure I understand the accountability of a product owner regarding the release of an increment.

Thank you for you help.

09:59 pm May 29, 2020

Just because you can choose more than one does not mean you have to.  If you have 4 types of sliced cheese in your refrigerator does it mean you have to use all 4 when you make a sandwich? When you go to a car lot to look at a new car, do you have to buy one of every type on the lot in every color?  

The mechanism isn't the issue.  They are asking you to use your knowledge to select all that apply. If you feel only 1 is applicable, then choose that 1.