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by Lucya Smit
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05:18 pm June 16, 2020

Hello community,

My name is Ana, and I just passed my PO I certification. I am a banking/economics professional, working somewhat on software development (from client side).

I am wondering if you have a suggestion for someone who is still not working in a agile environment, and is a PO novice? Are you familiar with some web sites/forums that offer case studies  to work on as PO, and give suggestions on results or approaches? Or maybe some freelance for a novice PO to just deep toes and ease in the whole agile/scrum software development process?

Thank you,




12:49 am June 18, 2020

Best way to learn is to attend local meet-ups, take in-person classes, get certified, attend Agile conferences and then work on a Scrum Team. There is no substitute for real world experience but there are a ton of free resources on this website. Study everything under the PO Learning Path.

03:32 pm June 22, 2020

Thank you Mark Adams. I have already finished my PSM I and PSPO I. I am hoping to make a career change, so would like to be as prepared as I could for taking on the role of a PO. My Bank does not employ Agile/Scrum, and there is not really an opportunity to have hands on experience, so I am looking for some resources where I can get some sort of knowledge and experience from people.  

12:12 am June 23, 2020

Not having a Scrum environment is the perfect opportunity for you to build it from the ground up. I once consulted for a client where Agile transformation was not part of the SOW. But I wanted efficiency and didn't like waterfall so I stood up Scrum on my own. Obviously, I needed to make a strong business justification for it and sell it to leadership. But the benefit was that it improved transparency and though the Development Team members didn't see the value, the leaders loved it.

07:50 am September 16, 2020

@mark adams, we have a same scenario, my current company is still Waterfall, so I journey them to Agile Transformation.

11:13 am September 16, 2020

If I understand Ana correctly, the bank is not developing themselves, but are customer to a service provider.

I assume building agile from within the customer will not be the easiest journey. Espescially as banks are often dinosaurs and most customers prefer fixed prices and timelines

07:34 pm September 16, 2020

I am interested in this question and I will wait for some competent answers