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by Xander Ladage
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01:43 am June 25, 2020


We are consolidating all production accountant files received in various formats into EDW then eventually into an ERP. 

There are 8 user stories created.

I need some help in writing the detailed business requirements for each.

First user story that we are wirking on is

Ability to load data from EDW into ERP.

What detailed business requirements will go into this? Could you please help soon?



07:20 am June 25, 2020

This would be hard to answer for anyone here I guess....

Are you the Product Owner? If not, what does the PO think of this?

In general, if you need help writing business requirements, it must be clear where your challenge is.
Do you have business insights into what is needed and wished for, and what value it would bring?
Benefits etc?
If not, make the PO talk to the business, if so, you might want to hook up with an analyst to help you out...

11:15 am June 25, 2020

I am the Ba and is new to the project and the organisation. Any help provided will be appreciated.



11:58 am June 25, 2020

Ability to load data from EDW into ERP.

What detailed business requirements will go into this?

Why would you, or anyone, need "detailed business requirements" for such a thing at this time?

02:04 pm June 25, 2020

Thats what we are asked to work on as a BA. There are 8 user stories that need to be worked upon and prvide details in Devops.



02:38 pm June 25, 2020

Don't write detailed business requirements in an agile environment.  Write the problem statement and then provide acceptance criteria that would enable the team to know if the problem has been solved.  As the story is refined, details will start to emerge.  The Development Team will create a technological solution to satisfy the original problem statement and acceptance criteria. 

03:47 pm June 25, 2020

So what needs to be asked to the business for this? Any ideas?

07:13 am June 26, 2020

Hmmmm...  i have a strange feeling about this.... if you are the BA, and ask us what to be asked from the business... are you sure you are capable in the position you are at?

The general question to ask is, "what do you need and why", there should be enough details to make sure the wishes are clear, and no more than that....

But back to my original question: what does the Product Owner say about this?

05:22 pm June 26, 2020

What i meant to ask was what details need to be asked to the Business. 

I have got some input from the business on the details so its all good now. Probably i was too anxious and  nervous at my new job. 



10:19 am June 27, 2020

what details need to be asked to the Business

As much as team needs to perform the development work; anything less would jeopardize the ability to meet the sprint goal, anything more would be waste.

In other words: team refinement should make it clear if to much or to little is known