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by Molly Chopps
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07:28 pm July 12, 2020

Hi everyone.

I posted on here not too long ago about starting a study group up for those wanting to take their PSM 3 exam soon.  I have started a channel in Slack where each day a situational question is asked, and all participants are invited to try and answer as well as give feedback to others.  Because I put my e-mail address in the forum however, my post was deleted.

I am on LinkedIn (Rebecca Dunstan) and my profile pic on there is the same as on this forum.  I currently have a post up on LinkedIn about this very same thing, so if you are interested please drop you contact info in the comment section on LinkedIn. 

We have got a decent amount of people so far and there have been some good discussions.  Hope to see you there.  Thanks.

03:40 pm July 13, 2020

Hi Rebecca,

I applaud your efforts on the PSM III group.  Please be sure to focus on a few things here. 

1.  Do not share any copyright question material from the test as that would be a violation and any people using the same answers will be seen as plagiarized and therefore failed answer.
2.  Please focus on people with real-world experience and not just trying to take/pass the test.  The PSM III is testing real-world knowledge and experience in Scrum, not just a test based on text or studying.  Think of it as a Accountant CPA Exam after you have spent several years working in accounting.
3.  Do not claim to represent


Thank you and good luck with your work.

05:08 pm July 13, 2020

Hi Eric.

Thank you for the suggestions.  I understand sharing actual test questions is prohibited.  I have not yet taken the PSM 3 and do not know what to expect.  I started by taking the open assessment questions and trying to answer them essay style but found that with no feedback being given to me about my answers, I wasn't really getting much out of it.  Now that I have a group of other aspiring candidates together in a study group, I find that we are having some really good conversations over some situational questions that are being put forth.  I am not a Scrum trainer and do not claim to be...just a learner interested in expanding my knowledge base.  Thanks again.



04:07 pm October 8, 2021

Hi Rebecca.


just reached out to you on LinkedIn.





07:03 am October 12, 2021

Hi Rebecca,

this is a great initiative!

Thank you,



12:53 pm April 11, 2022

Hi Rebecca,