SPS Scenario based Questions

Last post 02:35 pm July 29, 2020
by Tobias Fleming
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02:17 pm July 26, 2020


i started studying for the SPS Certification and have seen that there are also Scenario based questions...

Any tipps how to learn for them or any tipps how your strategy was to have them correct?

Would really apreciate some help.


Thanks guys!

09:36 pm July 27, 2020

I read this book and it provides a good intro to the concepts of scaling, the typical mistakes and how to solve them in a practical way:


It is the recommendation I have for anyone interested in scaling agile/scrum.

Note: I already had significant scaling agile experience before reading the book.

08:29 pm July 28, 2020

Thanks for your advice! 

Just bought the book and will read it tomorrow :)