Study partner needed for PSM I exam

Last post 02:20 pm July 30, 2020
by Jayke Harrison
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03:58 pm July 27, 2020

Would anyone like to study with me for the PSM I exam?  I am based in Chicago area.

I did not pass my first attempt (82%) and would like to try again.

I plan on memorizing the scrum guide, going over the learning path, and doing practice questions.


07:11 pm July 27, 2020

Hi Iram,

Currently studying for the exam as well. Have not had a first attempt yet. Would be great to connect.



09:55 pm July 27, 2020

I am also preparing for PSM I certification and would love to connect. Not taken the first attempt yet.

Btw, I would suggest against memorizing the guide though. Rather understand the events, artifacts, role and rules that bind them together.

I find it difficult to understand how few concepts fit in real world (doesn't make sense to me yet). But instead of memorizing them as stated in the guide, I am trying to read more about them from various sources to fill that gap.

Passing the certification by memorizing the guide will not yield the expected value.

Good luck !!

-- Mohit

10:09 pm July 27, 2020

Thanks for your response.  Please connect with my via facebook (after you click on my profile, you will see a link to fb)... I know someone that memorized the guide and did practice questions and she got a 95% on the exam.   However, I did not memorize, I just read the guide a few times and did practice questions from and and I would get 100% on the practice questions, however the exam was not like the practice questions.. it was more application based it seemed where there are scenarios and you have to apply the scrum guide to come up with the answer.

So that is why I thought to study the guide more to almost memorize it or be close to memorizing and doing the learning path.  There are also questions on volkerdon (free and paid versions).  I did the free version, but want to do the paid version also, since I heard it helped some people in the forums.

12:31 am July 28, 2020

You should definitely look into taking the PSM class (which can be taken in a virtual format) and complete the Scrum Master Learning Path.

11:42 am July 29, 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm also preparing for PSM I exam and would love to be partners in this if you are still looking for a study partner. I need someone to discuss the topics with and practice questions. Right now I'm staying at my property in Spain because of the quarantine but we can communicate online.

Also, I agree with Mohit. I think the key point is not to memorize the guide but to find fitting examples for the various concepts. As the concepts can be quite abstract, it's making it harder to understand.

Therefore I suggest finding an instructor who passed the exams before. We can find someone who has passed the exam already and take lessons, maybe once or twice in a week.

11:48 pm July 29, 2020

I did the exam today and got 79/80 (98.8%). Kinda miffed I didn't get 100%.

My recommendation is to read the guide multiple times spread over a couple of weeks, at least. This will help move solidify the knowledge in your long-term memory. I personally found it beneficial to read it out loud as you're stimulating more senses.

Do the Open Assessment and M Lapshin practice test repeatedly until you're getting 100% consecutively. When you select the answers, audibly declare your reasoning why it's the correct answer. This will help you when answering similar questions that might be worded differently or in a different context.

There are some questions on these practice exams that are the exact same or very similar to proper question. Not many but enough to get the pass mark.

When you're doing the exam, don't linger on questions. Attempt them and if you're not 100% sure, not it down and move on. You've only go an average of 45 seconds per questions and some of them are quite long with long answers which you might have to re-read. Go back and review your uncertain answers.

Be familiar with the Scrum glossary:

Good luck!