Story breaking not happening correctly

Last post 07:40 am July 28, 2020
by Ian Mitchell
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04:43 am July 28, 2020

Hi all,

In my scrum team, the stories are not breaking up correctly. For example, one feature needs to be built, the team, divided into 2 parts, 13 and 8 pointers each, testing efforts are outside this. and assigned to 1 person. I am currently on my 7th day of the sprint, it is due to get pushed to QA by tomorrow EOD, I am unable to track the progress daily. My burn down chart looks like a straight line.

07:40 am July 28, 2020
  • Why isn't the team collaborating to complete this work?
  • Why isn't testing included in the plans and forecasts the team makes?
  • Why is work being pushed to a schedule, rather than being pulled by capacity?