Evidence Based Management - trying to understand proposed metrics

Last post 03:00 am August 7, 2020
by Ian Mitchell
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11:41 am August 6, 2020


I'm about to propose EBM or at least part of it to my organisation in order to start discussions about actual value of our products. Also I try to start decision-making based on something more than gut feeling or loudest voice. 

However there's thing I struggle to understand. What's the difference between cycle time, lead time and time to learn (metrics proposed at the end)? Cycle time is the shortest period (between start of development team work and release), lead time stretches it from the left (if we would be using some timeline) to include some plannings, analysis, discussions etc and time-to-learn stretches it to the right to include what's happening after the release? 
I'll be happy to discuss that!

03:00 am August 7, 2020

For empirical process control to be most effective, my advice is that there ought to be as little difference as possible between the measures you refer to.