Top Tips for Remote Scrum You Wish You’d Known at the Start of the Pandemic?

Last post 12:18 pm September 27, 2020
by Gongyuan Chen
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10:13 am September 24, 2020

Yesterday while watching a YouTube video,  I learned that in Zoom you can allow participants to put “stamps” such as a heart or star on the screen.  It’s a fun visual way to, for example, remotely do what’s sometimes called “dot voting,” where after a Post It brainstorming session folks can tag the top x ideas/features/etc they like the best by putting a dot on the idea’s Post It note.  It made me realize I need to spend a bit more time proactively improving how I work remotely as a SM (vs from what I learn from Retrospectives or from my mistakes).

So, what are some tricks or tips you’ve learned in the last six months of working remotely as a Scrum Master that you wish you’d known at the start of the pandemic?  Or if you were already a remote SM pro, what tips do you think all SMs should know if they want to improve their ability to do Scrum fully remotely?  For these tips, assume the SM is already pretty skilled at face-to-face Scrum.  I’m especially interested in techniques for helping Scrum teams become more self organizing.

11:15 am September 24, 2020

What  I learned?

There are a lot of helpful whiteboard tools like Miro f.e.. I was sceptical about working and hosting meetings remote in the beginning, but some in some meetings, sessions or classes a whiteboard without boarders has actually a lot of advantages. They give you almost the flexibility of a classical board. 

To highlight one example, event storming sessions turned out to be much better remote than offline. (They need a lot of space at the walls.) 

12:18 pm September 27, 2020

I prefer face to face