Agile became the go to framework in a post pandemic world

Last post 06:24 pm September 26, 2020
by Khaled Ghassan Yousef
06:24 pm September 26, 2020

Agile Framework

If there were winners from this strange year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, then Agile framework enthusiasts are clearly among them,   because of this unexpected event that literally stopped the business world from truing, and shattered lots of industries plans, it became clear to lots of companies that if they can’t adapt Agile Framework fully they can at least start introducing Agile tools into their day to day projects operations, in order to rescue those plans.

As we all know the secret to the great power of Agile framework is the seamless adaptation to any new situation or unexpected deviation from the original plans,  as Adaptation is one of the pillar of Empiricism which  is the theory all Agile frameworks including Scrum are based upon.

Not just that but in Agile Scrum framework you would find tools infused from the Lean-UX, based upon Design Thinking which in turns hold learning and adapting as a key element in its cycle that depends on design/ building MVPs then measuring the success of such products and learning from the users feedback then adapting the designs of the product to reflect such feedback.

So by now we established that Adaptation is the key secret behind the Agile power, with it you can find quicker solutions to complex problems, problems generated by unexpected events like say certain pandemic!, in addition to the nature of the processes and tools inside this framework, that helps make quicker decisions, like the Sprint period of 1 month max, this limits the experiments to find solutions, or cure for a disease, to a boxed relatively short time, after that results can be adapted along with the original plans,

Another example is the centralization of the decision with the Product Owner, but taking inconsideration the feedback and discussion generated from the sprint events, like sprint planning, sprint review and retrospective, feedback generated with cooperation of the rest of the scrum team including a self-organizing, Cross-functional Scrum Master and Development Team, which leads usually to a unified vision for the end product or solution.

There is endless other examples on the usefulness of Agile processes, games and tools that helps organizations to reach faster solutions to their complex issues facing them, as Agile framework is the best for companies that are affected from this pandemic and needs promptly solutions to their problem, or even for medical officials than need to find a quick vaccine process.

So that’s why we are seeing rapid introduction of Empirical frameworks like Scrum, DevOps, Kanban and others, due to the fact that rigid tradition Waterfall planed based companies can’t survive in this volatile post pandemic world and needs to adapt quickly to the changing variables in their respective industries, as Global Growth is expected to regress to -5% this year according to the IMF, there is not time but to start introducing agile tools into their daily process in order to survive in today’s post pandemic world.