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Agile metrics and reports

Last post 04:55 pm December 10, 2020 by Daniel Wilhite
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01:38 am December 4, 2020


I am curious to know if there are standard templates, guidelines you could suggest if any, to present the reports to leadership team.

- Sprint status report: Sprint report weekly, monthly, quarterly reports to show sprint goals, metrics, issues, blockers and any important points to consider in the report...  

- Product backlog: Its important to keep and maintain the product backlog healthy and ensure there are enough user stories are ready and available. Could you please suggest any standard product backlog report available, any guidelines to consider. and also product backlog report which can be report could be presented to leadership.

Thank you for help and suggestions.


05:52 am December 4, 2020

What would management do with a "Sprint report"? How would they use such a thing, given that the team is responsible for inspecting and adapting its own progress each Sprint?

Management have a duty to help teams overcome the organizational impediments which hinder them. I'd suggest that this is the information which ought to be conveyed, but it should be handled collaboratively in a timely fashion, and would be unlikely to take the form of a "report".

Beyond that, management may wish to gather and use evidence based metrics, such as those described in the EBM Guide.

02:39 pm December 4, 2020

It sounds like the Leadership team first needs to learn the Agile princinples and unlearn micromanagement.

The reason why Leadership would like to have such detailed reports is to be able (or have the feeling of being able) to evaluate the performance of individual employees. When it comes to HR, lots of big companies are still heavily organised around monthly/quarterly/halfyear/yearly performance reviews and ratings which are used for deciding who gets which salary raise, who gets promoted, gets extra training or fired. And it requires pinpointing a specific performance to a specific individual contributor.

I have briefly looked into the EBM Guide. For the use case I have described above it does not seem to be the right tool as it is specifically about evaluating a product, not who had which part in developing this product.

05:46 am December 9, 2020

Hi everyone! I would like to know your opinion on "Do you think it is necessary for a Scrum Master to read the Scrum Guide?" or "Do you think it is acceptable for a professional Scrum Master to have NOT read or heard about the Scrum Guide?"

05:21 pm December 9, 2020

I would like to know your opinion on "Do you think it is necessary for a Scrum Master to read the Scrum Guide?" or "Do you think it is acceptable for a professional Scrum Master to have NOT read or heard about the Scrum Guide?"

The Scrum Guide itself says: "The Scrum Master is accountable for establishing Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide."

The Guide is the specification of the Scrum Framework. Would you be comfortable in the Scrum Master role without knowledge of it?

04:55 pm December 10, 2020

Is it necessary for a Physician to read the literature on a medication before they start subscribing it? 

Is it necessary for an Construction Company to know the building codes in the area in which they build?

Is it necessary for a Police Officer to read the laws that they are sworn to uphold?

If a Scrum Master doesn't read the Scrum Guide how do they know that what they are doing is actually Scrum? 

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