PSM-II Certification

Last post 04:59 am December 27, 2020
by rania shaban
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07:20 pm December 24, 2020

Hello All,

Could someone who has recently given PSM-II assessment provide details about the type of questions coming in PSM-II assessment and also what all material one should go through before giving the assessment?


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07:50 pm December 24, 2020

There's a list of recommended resources for preparing for the PSM II. I prepared and took the PSM II exclusively with self-study, using a few of those resources, plus experience in process improvement and as a Scrum Master.

As far as the questions go, some were of the same style as the PSM I, but there were more situational questions. The PSM I was rooted in what the Scrum Guide says. The PSM II is about applying the Scrum Guide to situations. More questions were about the best option(s) given a situation or reading between the lines, understanding why the Scrum Guide suggests what it does and different ways to achieve those outcomes.

08:08 pm December 24, 2020

Thanks so much Thomas :)

02:50 am December 25, 2020

As Thomas recommended the PSM 2 ressources are a good way to prepare. I would additionally recommend searching for new case studies.

03:20 pm December 26, 2020

Great thanks, Thomas!

08:06 pm December 26, 2020

Any recommendation about which better and more sure, go through PMS I then PMS II gradually? I knew that's not a mandatory sequence, howerver would it applicable to pass PMS II once?