PSM I, PSPO I & PSM II certified in month!!!

Last post 01:16 am December 26, 2020
by Rohit Verma
01:16 am December 26, 2020

Hello, Thanks to users of this forum, was able to complete the three certifications within a month. I have 15 yrs of IT experience across waterfall and agile phase which was beneficial. As with many professionals, deciding on which Agile certification (Scrum, PMI, SAFe etc) to take itself is big challenge. After analysis decided to take certification from Scrum guide, open assessments and details in blogs by users was really helpful. Mlapshin sample quizzes were useful in PSM I/PSPO I and to better apply the learnings from Scrum guide. PSM II was scenario based and tests on how you would apply the Scrum principals in real life scenarios.

As many suggested, recommended path would be - PSM I -> PSPO I -> PSM II

If you are on the edge, do take Scrum certification and get started on your journey to Agile career success. Keep learning!