User Story Mapping accredited courses

Last post 05:15 pm December 28, 2020
by Daniel Wilhite
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10:30 am December 27, 2020



I'm currently reading Jeff Patton's 'User Story Mapping' and am looking for an accredited course to take to further develop my knowledge and confidence in order to give a go at making an income from User Story Mapping. There are a lot of one day courses, many of them expensive but seem to be lacking depth and quality.

I've been a programmer / dveloper for the last 8 years but am new to the world of Agile.




02:12 pm December 27, 2020

resources as well would be great.

06:10 pm December 27, 2020

From your reading of the Scrum Guide, which of the Scrum accountabilities do you think story mapping would best help to fulfill?

01:51 am December 28, 2020

Not trying to be negative here, but it would be difficult to earn an income for a person who only specializes in story mapping and nothing else. Without experience, it would be even harder.

Story mapping is just one complimentary practice in the Agile world, and most professionals who earn an income in the Agile world have experience working with many practices and at least one framework, such as Scrum. 

Story mapping isn't a typical introductory topic for people new to Agile and Scrum. You might want to consider learning about Scrum before jumping into story mapping, there are many free resources on this website. 

Jeff's book is the go-to resource for story mapping, as is his website and blogs. 

11:38 am December 28, 2020

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the feedback, will check out the resources on this site. The resources on Jeff's site don't seem to be availble / working at the moment.

05:15 pm December 28, 2020

To combine the excellent responses, Story Mapping is one of many tools that a Product Owner might use. So you may want to learn more about that role as you expand your horizons. Your experience as a developer could be useful but you will have to learn to get away from the details of the solution as that is the domain of the Developers in Scrum. 

You mention you are new to Agile. I'm going to suggest that you learn how an organization can be agile and adapt to change rapidly. That is not the same as being Agile because Agile is the commercialization of a concept . Being agile can use many methods and practices such as Story Mapping and Scrum. But none of them are required. Study a lot of different things and use what is best for the situation being encountered. Start you journey of knowledge of Scrum by reading the Scrum Guide