Calculate Story Points - Second Question from a course I dont understand

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by Henri van der Horst
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02:14 pm December 27, 2020

After three completed sprints you look at a release burn down “bar” chart. The diagram initially starts with 400 story points on its Y-axis. The following happened in the three sprints:

Sprint 1 45 story points planned 40 story points completed

Added 20 story points to the backlog Sprint 2 45 story points planned 40 story points completed

Removed 30 story points from the backlog Sprint 3

40 story points planned Completed 30 story points 10 story points almost complete Removed 10 story points from the backlog

What does the burndown chart look like now? Choose an answer:

a. Above 290. Below +20.

b. Above 270. Below -20.

c. Above 270. Below +20.

d. Above 290. Below -20.


Answer: 290 / + 20 - but why?

06:05 pm December 27, 2020

Why are Sprints being planned in terms of completing story points? Shouldn't each Sprint be planned as a commitment to deliver increments of Done releasable work?

06:39 pm December 27, 2020

Hi Ian, to be honest I dont know. This is a question from my training institute. Could you please tell me why this is 290 / 20?

06:02 pm December 28, 2020

You will need to ask people from that training institute because there is nothing in the Scrum Guide that indicates the use of Release Burn Down charts or story points.  As I stated in response to your other question these questions are not assessing your knowledge of Scrum at all and I'd avoid them entirely. The institute is training you on a form of Project Management using terminology from Scrum mixed with Extreme Programming and probably others.  The institute is training you on Agile which is the commercialization for profit of techniques, frameworks, and practices that can help companies be more able to adapt to change quickly (i.e. be agile). They are trying to teach you how to "do Agile".  If this is something your employer is asking you to do, then by all means do so.  But know that you are not learning Scrum even if words from the framework are being used.

09:25 am December 30, 2020

I'd ask for a refund if I were you. These are very strange questions.