Story Mapping vs ROI.... how to prioritize?

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by Ian Mitchell
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10:12 am December 30, 2020


I am a young Scrum Master who has obtained the certification, I come from the world of "classic" project management and even with the certification I consider to be at the beginning of the path to become a good scrum master, and therefore I I'm interested in the overall agile project.

Despite my commitment, it is not easy to find the right information, especially in France (we are still in the PO = Product Manager / SM = Project Manager vision). And I still have the same little big problem with Story Mapping, prioritization and ROI….

I will be brief, I would have 2 questions to ask you, because the objective at the end is to have a rather well refined and prioritized product backlog before the first sprint and to know more or less what to put in the Sprint Backlog of the first sprint


Questions 1.

On the one hand we have a tool called Story Mapping which allows us to have a first vision of what will be the future product backlog, and also to classify the stories by knowing which will be the MVP / MMP stories that we can be considered as the elements to develop in firsts sprint (MVP / MMP stories can take several sprints to be completed depending on the size of your MVP / MMP) they are necessary for the application and producing an increment with features that run that can be tested and used by users, without these MVP / MMP stories we will not really have a feature that works well but a set of stories that do not produce a new feature.


Questions 2 

On the other hand, we prioritize stories by their value and return on investment ((ROI) and a story on a V2 releave can have a higher ROI than MVP/MMP story and be a priority on the value side.

We find ourselves here with two different bases of requirements, one functional and the other commercial, which are not necessarily consistent, where we have an increment that technically runs well and functional with little value or an increment that does not run but having a very great value?

So what to do to know:

I) the stories to develop in the first sprint

II) the stories in the planning release (for the first 2/3 sprints)

III) How to prioritize the project roadmap


thank you so much, Andréa 

11:37 pm December 30, 2020

Are you meeting a Definition of Done every Sprint, and is each increment of immediate release quality?