How to know AQ (Agility Quotient) of scrum team?

Last post 01:00 am January 14, 2021
by Mark Adams
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05:28 pm January 12, 2021

I heard Agility Quotient term for the first time. Agility quotient is one's ability or capacity to swiftly adapt to the changing needs of customers, employees, and the marketplace.

But how to measure it ?

Anyone here following any model to measure AQ ?

09:46 pm January 12, 2021

@vishal Rajadhyaksha, You could perhaps measure Time to Market.

07:26 am January 13, 2021

Hi Vishal, I suggest you read the Evidence Based Management, it coud help you a lot for your need. 
Especially sections like Steve pointed out Time To Market, and also Ability to Innovate.

01:00 am January 14, 2021

Is there an OCM shop in your organization? And are they Prosci certified? This is exactly the type of work they do to help the product organization assess the impact of new products and change.