What is the difference between PAL and PAL-EBM?

Last post 05:37 am October 31, 2021
by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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11:09 am January 18, 2021

Hello everyone!

What is the difference between PAL and PAL-EBM? And what do you suggest to take as certification between them?


04:50 am January 20, 2021

Hello Salvatore. 

PAL certification is focused on leadership, how agile adds value to business and how agile leaders must support teams in many ways. 

PAL-EBM introduces the Evidence Based Management, a framework that organizations can use to improve the value they derive from their product delivery. Take a look at https://www.scrum.org/resources/evidence-based-management and EBM Guide. There's a great videos on YouTube about EBM too. 

Take a look at the Scrum.org resources and learning path's regarding both certifications. You will find great resources and content. 



03:05 pm January 25, 2021

Is it a good approach to try the PAL-EBM first before the PAL-I or isn't that really that necessary? As in, is the PAL-I tackling also some EBM questions or not?

07:54 pm October 30, 2021

Hello to everyone, can help me with that?

Wich one is more aplicable to Product Onwers carrer? PAL-Essentials or PAL-EBM

..thanks for your answers

05:37 am October 31, 2021

I believe that a PO will benefit from both; however, EBM obviously provides insight into how the PO can measure the progress of their product.