a concept mistake for the Italian translation of the Scrum Guide

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by Eric Naiburg
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04:56 pm January 26, 2021

Thanks for the huge work people!

I am an Italian Project Manager working for years in a Scrum Team, first as (senior )Developer and in the last years as Scrum Master, but in these days I am keeping up to date to pass last 2021 PSM1 Certification tests about November "2020 Scrum Guide", BUT i have noticed a concept mistake in the Italian translation: Italians could read something similar to

Scrum wraps around existing practices in order to render them unnecessary

That could seem a non-sense for what Scrum indeed represents.

If i can read on the current version https://www.scrumguides.org/docs/scrumguide/v2020/2020-Scrum-Guide-US.pdf (page 4, "Scrum Definition")  

Scrum wraps around existing practices or renders them unnecessary

current version on https://www.scrumguides.org/docs/scrumguide/v2020/2020-Scrum-Guide-Italian.pdf (ibidem page 4, " Definizione di Scrum")

Scrum comprende pratiche esistenti PER renderle non più necessarie.

("per" is the Italian for "for/in order to")
You could easily see on Google Translate

Scrum comprende pratiche esistenti O le rende non necessarie

("o" is the Italian for "or")
So transforming, grammarly, a simple "disjunctive sentence" in a "purpose sentence". But SCRUM hasn't this purpose at all ;-)

Maybe the translator had quickly read "for" instead of "or"...


in the original US English version there are important key-words yellow-highlighted:would it make sense for you to bring them also in the translated versions?

Thanks again

Daniele Vitta

05:45 pm January 26, 2021

This has been forwarded to the translations team as well.