"Scrum Open" Assessment vs Scrum Guide 2020

Last post 07:16 pm February 10, 2021
by Piotr Górajek
07:16 pm February 10, 2021


Inspired by @Kevin Moore post with contradiction in one of the open questions, I would like to highlight another one to re-evaluate.

In Scrum Open thare is a "True / False" Question about this sentence:

The purpose of a Sprint is to produce a valuable and useful Increment of working product

In summary it is marked as a true statement with explanation:


The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a timebox of one month or less during which a done, useful, and valuable working product Increment is created.

I think, that it is not coherent with current 2020 version of the Scrum Guide, as side by side comparison highlights that this sentence changed to:

Sprints are the heartbeat of Scrum, where ideas are turned into value.

In 2017 version it was phrased close to provided feedback:

The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a time-box of one month or less during which a "Done", useable, and potentially releasable product Increment is created.

IMHO this question needs changes as the description of the purpose of Sprint breaks the direct link with the Increment, it could be either of below scenarios:

  • If answer remains true, then feedback should be changed in a way that highlights how it is still purpose of the Sprint, as it is not such straight forwardly phrased as in 2017 version.
  • If we say that purpose of the Sprint is no longer linked with creation of the Increment, based on comparison of sentences 2017 vs 2020, then answer should be false, and feedback should be changed to reflects that.