To what extent has agile methods contributed to successful projects ?

Last post 01:48 pm February 19, 2021
by zoravar singh
01:48 pm February 19, 2021


My name is Zoravar Singh and I am an Undergraduate student at University College London. I am currently carrying out a research project regarding the extent of which agile methods have contributed to project success.

I have created a short, 5 minute survey which investigates the challenges faced by agile practitioners and the impact that agile has had on projects. It also touches on some challenges faced with agile project management in a home working environment.

Survey responses are totally anonymous/confidential and the answers will be used as the main data set for my research project at University College London. If you work in an agile environment and would like to respond to this survey, here is the link:

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

This research is carried out under the supervision of University College London.