Coaching and mentoring Masters in UK

Last post 06:40 am February 22, 2021
by Firoz Padikkarakkandi
06:40 am February 22, 2021

Hello all, I passed PSM 1. This is one exam where I felt sad after seeing my results, even though it was at a high 90%. I was aiming for 95%.

(sorry for the long post)

I was thinking of sticking to this new found ambition of becoming a Scrum Wizard, someday. Being a scrum master is also about being an effective coach / mentor, right? So, i was looking for some coaching and mentoring Masters course in the U.K., preferably a 1 year course. Maybe try to get a PSM II and III along the way. I understand that it is not a necessity to do a Masters but i am looking for a university/class room atmosphere in the U.K. rather than doing more & more online courses. I am an computer engineering grad with a Masters in Finance and have some 12 years experience in banking and software development. Lately, I am becoming quite keen to create some value in people's lives & hence, looking forward to become a coach instead of going for that ubiquitous MBA or MSc digital something...

Google suggested below universities:

1. Henley Business School ( - Duration: 30 months - They have a PGCert but i am not sure how well a PGCert could weigh on my CV compared to an M.Sc. or, does it matter at all , a PGCert Vs M.Sc.?? Accredited by all 3 coaching bodies i.e. ICF(, EMCC and AC. (

2. University of East London (MSc APPLIED POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY AND COACHING PSYCHOLOGY (MAPPCP)) - Duration: 1 year-  accredited by EMCC (

-(This fits my needs but no idea how the good the university is)

3. Sheffield Hallam University - MSC Coaching and Mentoring - Duration: 3 yrs - accredited by EMCC

-(Too long)

I basically have no much idea about the above universities apart from some random ranking.

Any advise, Scrummies? Please share your wisdom and feel free to advise.