What kind of project type is not suitable for Scrum ?

Last post 04:18 pm May 11, 2021
by Daniel Wilhite
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02:18 am March 8, 2021

hi all,

please advise based on your experience, what kind of project type is not suitable for Scrum ? 

I read from another article about Cynefin framework, and someone mentioned that a simple/obvious project may be run using waterfall, for chaotic project you need to invent a novel way, and for complex and complicated project is a good fit for Scrum.

On other article, it was mentioned in Standish chaos report that for small project it does not really matter whether you use Scrum or waterfall because the difference is not much. But in large project, scrum have more success rate than waterfall.

Appreciate your insight on this.  Thanks a lot.

04:39 am March 8, 2021

Agile and traditional project management methodologies can be used for any type of project, it all depends on the mindset of the company/person that is performing the project. 

This means that the scrum framework can be used for any type of project too. 

06:26 am March 8, 2021

Scrum is designed to help solve complex problems, which exist under conditions of high uncertainty. Hence the purpose of a Sprint is to deliver a Done increment which satisfies a Sprint Goal. By committing to a goal, greater risks and challenges can be addressed than individual backlog items are able to target. In Scrum, the forecast on a backlog is mutable and is replanned as necessary to meet a goal.

09:20 am May 11, 2021

I think that there are initiatives not suitable for Scrum. When you are not able to set even short one week Sprint goal, you should not use Scrum. In IT, see maintanance and support initiatives. 

04:18 pm May 11, 2021

In my experience, Scrum is best for work that is not clearly defined.  Routine, repetitive work can be done with Scrum but there really isn't much benefit from doing so.  When work is being done on something where new information can be gained at any point, Scrum allows for the agility to change direction without creating "wasted work".  Since you progress towards your long term goals (Product Goal) in short increments, there is less chance of working for an extended time for something that is no longer needed.