Just did the SPS certification

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by Kevin Coorevits
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11:18 am March 9, 2021

I just decided to try the SPS certification and passed with 97.5%. I'm guessing I was off by one question, but since I don't know which one it's hard to know what I missed.

One question held me up a bit. It was about... no wait... I can't ask about it here right? Even if I have seen it asked before without any clear answer given I can't let anyone know a question that was actually in the test correct?

11:52 am March 9, 2021

Firstly, congratulations on passing the SPS exam. 

Secondly, yes you are correct that you cannot post questions from certification assessments, only from the open assessments. 

You could always reach out directly to someone that has also passed the SPS in order to discuss your query with.  :-)

12:10 pm March 9, 2021

Thank you for the info. I could have slipped up and asked something about something interesting. :)

04:29 am March 17, 2021

Hi Daniel Liljeberg, Congratulations for clearing SPS.
As you have passed the exam quite recently, i think you are in good position to help me understand few points around the exam structure.

1. Approx what %age of questions are scenario based.
2. In case of multi-select answers, does the question always mentions, how many ans need to be marked?
3. Approx what %age of questions are around Nexus Practices.
4. I understand you cannot share and actual exam question on open forum, but would you like to share a scenario based question having the same level of difficulty as you saw in the exam. Just to measure the level of understanding needed before appearing for exam.
5. Have you tried SPS questions from external platforms? Does those help you during your exam?
6. Approx how many questions are from regular scrum framework?
 Any other tips or tricks those aren't mentioned in forums thus far?

01:05 pm March 17, 2021

Since im planning to do this myself, can you help me out with some formalities of the Test?


How many questions are there and how long did you have to answer them?

Since there are only a few open assessment questions for this and the test certainly is longer, are other questions regular PSM I Questions?

01:31 pm March 17, 2021

Hi Ajay Sood,

I took the PSM2 exam shortly before the SPS one and then I took the PSPO2 exam shortly after so details like the portion of questions of either sort are probably a bit mixed together in my head :)

1. I would say that I reacted (positively) to the fact that I felt there were more than there was in the PSM2 exam.
2. I'd say yes. It always asks you to "select all that apply", "select the best option", "select the best two options" or similiar.
3. Some questions you should be able to answer even without specific Nexus knowledge if you have managed to pass PSM2 for instance. But most of the questions tie into larger groups of teams in some way. I'd say many question resembles PSM2 questions but with an added dimension.
4. I'd say that the Open Exam has a few on a level you can expect. But there were a few that was a level or two above those also.
5. No, I started reading a bunch of the "Professional Scrum Series" books and after a few of them I got the idea to test for myself to see if I actually remembered enough to for instance pass an exam. I tried the PSM2 exam and got 100% which then led to me trying the SPS exam after I had read the Nexus Guide and "The Nexus Framework for scaling Scrum" book. So I didn't actually have any real plan to study for the exam. I just read what I wanted to learn more about and then decided to do the exam.
6. I'd say quite a few even if the added dimension of multiple teams are sometimes added on top of it. Scaled Scrum is still Scrum so it comes naturally that much of the foundational things are valid and relevant for Nexus also.

Any other tips or tricks those aren't mentioned in forums thus far?
Given that I didn't "study for the exam" I'm probably not the ideal person to give advice on that matter. It all depends on why you want to take the exam and what it will mean to you if you pass or fail. I have been a person who seldom hold myself to high esteem. Whenever I do things good I'm the kind of person who says "ahh, anyone could have done that" or "I just got lucky". So for me I decided to do the test for my own sake to validate to myself if I actually knew enough about a topic I love to pass an official exam on it or not. :)

10:55 am March 18, 2021


I'm also almost at the point that I decide to take on the SPS assessment and see where I am with that knowledge. Little bit unsure whether or not I have enough knowledge, but I guess there is only 1 way to find that out..

As extra preparation, I also went through the Definitive Guide created by Simon Kneafsey. it really helped me with extra unclarities or just questions that where confirmed to me. So maybe this will help you too?
--> https://www.thescrummaster.co.uk/scrum/how-to-pass-the-scaled-professio…