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by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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03:00 pm March 12, 2021

Hi Together,

I am currently preparing for the certificate and am using all possible sources available to me.

I have read the Learning Path and the Guide in English as well as in my native language.
The open assessments Scrum Open and Product Owner Open I pass quickly with always 100%, at least in the last 10 - 20 attempts.

I also prepare in parallel with the open assessments by Mikhail Lapshin, but I have to say that they unsettle me more than they help.

The following example:

I was asked what are the tasks of the Scrum Master regarding the dailys.

One of the "correct" answers was that If others are present, the Scrum Master ensures that they do not disrupt the meeting.

This answer is correct for the 2017 version, but is not explicitly stated in the 2020 guide.

Can this question constellation occur in the current exam?

If yes, the maximum I can deduce is that the Scrum Master is there to remove impediments.
This is just one of the examples that confuses me. What is your opinion on this?




06:16 pm March 12, 2021

Your confidence in third party assessments is robust enough for it to be shaken. What is that confidence based on?

07:26 pm March 12, 2021

Perhaps I did not express myself correctly. What I really want to say is that I have no trust in third party assessments at all. It's even to the point that I've let the external testing influence me to the point that my confidence is currently low to pass the test.

First and foremost, I try to get a feel for the extent to which my knowledge is consolidated. Questions like the one I described above confuse me.

Going purely from what I understand from the current guide regarding the question above is this: 

The dailies are for the developers, PO and scrum master can attend as long as they are actively working on items in the Sprint Backlog, but if not, then they do not have to participate.

If the scrum master does not participate, how can he ensure that nobody disrupts the meeting?

What confuses me more is that the point concerning disruption of the meeting is not really handled in the guide - or is the point here, that it is generally a removal of impediments?

Maybe I am thinking too much ...




06:46 am March 13, 2021

Yes, the Mikhail Lapshin questions are based upon the 2017 guide.  As long as you are aware of the changes between that guide and the latest one you will be fine taking the exam, as the exam is focused on the current guide. 

Please be aware, that even though the exam will have some of the open assessment questions in it, the rest of the questions are not as easy as the open assessments. 

There are numerous posts on this site from people who have passed the various exams explaining how they prepared for it. 

04:56 pm March 13, 2021

If the scrum master does not participate, how can he ensure that nobody disrupts the meeting?

Relevant skills to master include:

  • Invisible presence
  • Situational awareness
  • The pre-emption of certain issues
  • Choosing when to take action
  • Choosing when to refrain from taking action
  • Actively doing nothing
  • Managing from the back of the room
08:04 am March 14, 2021

Mr Kelvin,

Based on your performances in those quizzes you mentioned above , its high time you sit for the test. Too much longtime preparation may tempt you to search for more and consequently lead to more confusion. I did mine today and passed. I wanted to study for 3-4 weeks, but I discover since my level of preparedness is almost at the peak, I decided to sit for the test. 
Scrum master can attend the Daily meeting as a developer or when invited.

Best of luck

10:24 am March 14, 2021

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. I have now achieved the certificate.
In conclusion, I can say the following:

  • Even if you understood the guide, you didn't necessarily internalize the principle. This is a very important point
  • In my opinion, one should not rely on outside sources. The Scrum Guide, the Assemssments and the learning path prepare you well for what is to come
  • Some transmission power is needed, here is not enough just to learn by heart. You have to internalize the framework
  • Use the bookmarks if something is not clear and look at the questions at the end again
  • The 60 minutes are over much faster than expected

Now that I have the certificate, the hard part is still ahead of me. For me, it is now a matter of integrating the Scrum framework into a daily work routine that has not been agile up to now.

02:32 pm March 14, 2021

Congratulations on passing the PSM1 Kevin.  :-)