Scrum- A light weight framework that made me Lightweight

Last post 04:30 pm March 14, 2021
by Susheendharraj Athikesavan
04:30 pm March 14, 2021

During the pandemic around June 2020, I decided to reduce my BMI levels to Normal from overweight. I set that as my long-term goal and Split the items into short-term goals scaling from 1-5 Levels where after every 4 weeks I need to recheck whether I have met the sprint goal by stepping into the next level.


All I need to do is planning on the first day of my first week to create a sprint backlog or typically the tasks that are needed to achieve the current sprint goal just Like Level 1, level 2, and so on


My DSM is like Check your weight, Measure your BMI for the Day and report your cheats on the previous day and how to overcome the Impediment called cheats on the current day


For E.g.: level 1 sprint backlog is like 4000 steps per day, Reduce sugar level, 16-8 Fasting where 2 meals in an 8-hour window and so on


 After achieving the Sprint 1 goal which is reviewed in my sprint review, do your retrospective. Yes, Sprint 1 is very easy but I understood that repeating the same thing but expecting different results is bad. I also learned in the sprint that Level 2 will not be easy as Level 1. For e.g., the first few kgs are easy to reduce but reducing the next few is not a replica of what happened previously.


I adapted those learning’s in my planning for sprint 2 and planned the sprint backlog accordingly


For e.g.: level 2 sprint backlog is like 6000 steps per day, substitute sugar with Sweetener Natural, 20-4 Fasting where 2 meals in a 4-hour window, and so on


When finally achieved my long-term goal and looked back at the last sprint backlog(November 2020). It  is like 8000 steps per day (2 times), No sugar intake, 23-1(One Meal A day for 2 days in a week), and 5 days 20-4 Fasting where 2 meals in a 4-hour window


I Set the Goal. Created Transparency in the progress, inspected the outcomes, and adapted the changes to Improvise continuously

Not sure whether I can post the pics here :) but   have to say this 


Scrum- A light weight framework that made me Lightweight