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Last post 02:38 pm March 16, 2021
by Daniel Wilhite
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04:27 am March 16, 2021



I have a scrum project, 10 sprint, I am in the last sprint, but the team will not be able to finish the last sprint, this is the last sprint, should I close the sprint and create a new sprint? Or should I continue the sprint until it is finished and thus close it?

06:31 am March 16, 2021

the team will not be able to finish the last sprint

Regardless of what the team are able or unable to do, has the Product Owner made the decision to cancel this Sprint?

08:16 am March 16, 2021

The Developers progress towards each sprint goal as well as the product goal should be discussed during each sprint review, and if it is found that the estimated 10 sprints are not enough, then additional sprints should be utilised. 

Remember, that a PB exists as long as a product exists, and if the estimated release time frame the PO had planned for does not achieve the expected product goal, then the product can still be released at that point if required, and then work continues towards the product goal. 

Even if the PO decides to cancel sprint 10, the functional and potentially releasable increment from sprint 9 or any increment already created during sprint 10 before cancellation could still be released if the PO decides it should be.

02:38 pm March 16, 2021

Why are you doing any of this?  What does the Scrum Team think should be done?  

Scrum does not have 1 person that makes these decisions.  It has a team consisting of a Product Owner (responsible for the product directions), Developers (responsible for the work to build the product) and a Scrum Master (responsible for helping team understand and use the Scrum framework).  In this case it seems like a decision that the whole Scrum Team should be making. 

I'm also not sure how you have a fixed length "Scrum project".  As long as a Product is in existence and someone is maintaining it, there will be a Product Backlog.  Where there is a Product Backlog, there is a need for a team to maintain and address the items.