Some topics from PSM and PSPO learning path.

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by Scott Anthony Keatinge
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06:17 pm April 2, 2021

Good afternoon dear colleagues,

hope you are doing well during these hard covid times. Im new in Scrum and I would like to ask somebody from Scrum trainers for help with topics below from PSPO and SMP. I have checked articles on (but most of them arent updated with new Scrum Guide for PSPO), this forum and scrum guide 2020 but I'm often confused and not sure about a true conclusion because terminology is new (more posts here are older than new scrum guide 2020) and also responsibilities and descriptions have been partialy changed. So please let me ask you for help with topics below, please.

Topic 1: From my perspective, important awareness for Product Owner for maximize the value of the product is Customer feedback. Is it right? Or these areas like competetive research, product vision, forecasting and feasibility have their place on this too? (on i have red that forecasting and feasibility are waste.. except forecasting amout of work for PBIs)

Topic 2: Why a Product Owner wants Scrum Team adhering Definiton of Done? I think because: need to have good transparency what has been done. ; Then he can forecast the team productivity over time (but maybe its more work for developers?) - maybe better explanation is: that DoD can affect the product's total cost of ownership?

Topic 3: Purpose of DoD: It creates transparency over work during discussions at the Sprint Review, It guides the Developers in creating a forecast at the Sprint Planning, and  (here Im not sure) if it defines what it takes for an Increment to be ready for release or It controls whether the developers have performed their tasks. ..may I ask you for help?

Topic 4: For Scrum Team - which approach is best in order to produce valuable Increments? I think - Each Scrum Team is accountable for developing functionality from beginning to end but also good reason looks for me that Each Developer works on the component where they feel that they can contribute. Well, maybe the first example gives me better meanings. thank you for your opinions.

Topic 5: Im not sure if a PO must specify complete acceptance criteria for a PBI before it can be selected in Sprint Planning. I think no but Im not sure if Developers can help with this.

Topic 6: Developers are accountable for many things, one from them is: Organizing the work required to meet the Sprint Goal and (here Im not sure) ..if their are also accountable for Resolving internal team conflicts (sound more like a job for Scrum Master..) or more for Reporting productivity (this sounds like same as forecast about how much time PBI need to be transformed for an increment.. or not?)

Topic 7: PO can use metrics for establish if value being delivered. For this purpose I think PO can use "Customer satisfaction" and "Time to market". Metrics like Productivity, Velocity or Scope implemented doesnt make sence to me here - would you agree? I have checked this also with EBM, but not sure if via right way.

Topic 8: Does the Product Owner final word over the DoD? I can imagine a situation (Parret's 80/20) when is better to release "something" then nothing - EA Games are good example, but not only :) Well, its not a good practice but sometime it is better for company than waiting for 100% of Done. With this in ming Im not sure if the Scrum Team decides the Definition of Done. The Product Owner should be consulted. OR the Product Owner decides the Definition of Done. The Developers may be consulted. Thank you for help.

Topic 9: Is the "Minimising changes to project scope" one of points on which PO has to be focused for ensuring the product deliver value? I think not.

Topic 10: During the Sprint, who determines that now is appropriate situation for updating Sprint Backlog? Whole Scrum Team or Developers only? I would like to say the Developers and other members only after discusion with Developers.

Topic 11: Advantage of a PO with a solid Product Goal. Does It help the Scrum Team maintain focus on when to complete Product Backlog should be finished or not? I think "product backlog never be finished until product is on the market" it looks like this sentence isnt true. What do you mean?

Topic 12: Importancy of one Product Owner per product - it should bring: Effective communication and decision making. Im not sure about next three phrases, which two are right: Its clear who is accountable for ultimate value of the product (here Im not sure if whole Scrum Team isnt accountable - not only PO) ; Coop with more than one person would be confusing for Stakeholders (looks like true, but Stakeholders also communicate with many Developers during Sprint..) ; The Scrum Team always knows who determines the order of the Product Backlog (here Im not sure)

Sorry for the size of my topic, hope it wount be too much for you and administrators of this forum. Thank you for your time and every advice. Wish you a nice weekend. DH

06:02 am April 4, 2021

Hi David, I see that you have taken a PSPO course last month, so I am a bit surprised at the amount of questions you have as I would have expected the course to cover these areas as well as provide you with the opportunity to raise these points during it??? 

May I suggest the following: 

  • Review the PO learning path provided by this site
  • Read the "The Professional Product Owner" book

I found both of these points extremely helpful with my studies, as I did not attend the course. 


Just because an article has been created based on an older version of the scrum guide (it was obviously the current version at that time), does not means that the article is of no use nowadays.  You simply need to be aware of the changes made between each version of the guide so that you can dynamically replace the wordage as you review the article. 

There are many posts in this forum from people who have passed the PSPO which describe how they prepared for the exam, that it would also be worth reviewing those too.