first time to define Definition of Done

Last post 02:54 pm April 9, 2021
by Thomas Owens
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08:12 am April 9, 2021

Hi all,

when do the scrum team agree on the definition of Done for the first time?

if the scrum framework has just started in an organization, do the scrum team agree on the definition of done in the first spint planning meeting?





08:20 am April 9, 2021

The Scrum Guide says: "If it is not an organizational standard, the Scrum Team must create a Definition of Done appropriate for the product."

Starting a Sprint and doing so in Sprint Planning may be reasonable on the grounds that, in Scrum, there ought to be no excuse for putting empiricism in delay.

02:24 pm April 9, 2021

+1 for @Ian Mitchell's response and will add that creating your first Definition of Done is not the end.  The Definition of Done can and should be reviewed by the team frequently to determine if any changes are needed.  After all your team is agile and using empiricism for their daily work.  The Definition of Done is not exempt from that behavior.

02:50 pm April 9, 2021

oh yes, definition of done should be reviewed in the sprint retrospective as long as needed.

just wonder if the sprint planning meeting was the first option to discuss it if the organization was new to Scrum framework

Thank you everyone!


02:54 pm April 9, 2021

I'd want some idea of what the Definition of Done should be before refining the initial Product Backlog. The Definition of Done is used during refinement to help size the work and during Sprint Planning to help the team understand what is necessary when checking against capacity. Of course, you may not have the most well-refined Product Backlog going into the first Sprint Planning, so I'd say the latest it should be discussed and defined would be before or the first thing during the first Sprint Planning.