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by Bahaddin Ahmadov
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04:47 am April 21, 2021

As a Agile Office, we have several approaches on these meetings. So, want to take your insights. 

1) What is the main difference between POCLAC and PO SYNC?

2) Does Tribe Lead MUST participate on POCLAC meeting? 

3) Is POCLAC a platform for discussing ROADMAPS, KPI, OKRs?

4) Which topics Agile Coach should rise on POCLAC meeting?


If you would answer one by one, i d very happy. Thank you beforehand.

05:26 am April 21, 2021

As a Agile Office, we have several approaches on these meetings. So, want to take your insights.

The best approach is simplicity, which enhances transparency. The Scrum and Nexus frameworks are minimally prescriptive. In the situation you are questioning, additional prescriptions have been made (POCLAC, PO SYNC) and transparency has evidently been reduced.

05:41 am April 22, 2021

So Ian?)

11:08 am April 22, 2021

Respectfully, it seems as if your Agile Office has put the cart before the horse. Why would such meetings be held without a clear understanding of purpose? If the Agile Office isn't clear on the reason for having these meetings, who should attend, and what the agenda is, then you are just adding processes and complexity.

One of the Agile values is 'Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools'. Let's start with the question 'What challenges and problems is your Agile Office attempting to facilitate and help with?". 

Scrum doesn't prescribe additional meetings such as POCLACS and PO SYNCS. Roadmaps, KPIs, and OKRs might be shared at Sprint Reviews.

11:29 am April 22, 2021

One additional thought, why not hold a Retrospective with your Agile Office and participants to inspect and adapt your approaches?

It seems as if your organization is using scaling patterns from Spotify (e.g. tribes) and SAFe (PO Sync). What I often see is that organizations add additional overhead with these types of meetings when it comes to scaling, and you should be curious to understand the need you are trying to solve and avoid the extra meetings if they are not needed.


10:07 am April 26, 2021

The company is new on AGILE implementation. So There is some misunderstandings in purposes of meetings. I refer on experiences, and so , i see here this kind of meetings is usefull for colloboration between teams. As an organization it can be possible the overall imporvement with PO syncs and POCLACS. We define the points which we are tackling and we can clarify the points where we should put solutions. 


After all this, we need your answers based on your experiences