Cultural Kickoff presentation

Last post 09:18 am May 13, 2021
by Paweł Baranowski
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03:13 pm April 26, 2021

In a normal kickoff for a new set of teams, as part of many agenda, there is one called Cultural kick-off meeting. We are multicultural and multi country people in the teams of two Vendors.

Please clarify on what needs to be done in this presentation.

05:45 pm April 27, 2021

Agile transformation demands cultural change if the expected outcomes are to be achieved.

Perhaps the CEO or MD should create, communicate, and reinforce the necessary sense of urgency for change, so organizational gravity can be overcome.

08:31 pm April 27, 2021

There is a team culture that is completely independent of country, race, religion or anything else.  It is how a team works together and how they find interactions between the members to be most useful and successful.  I've always used that culture as the basis for any kind of team building.  Help the team decide what the team culture will be.  Will they have an agreement about showing up for meetings on time? Will they have a set of hours where everyone commits to being available? Will the a set of hours where everyone agrees to cause no distractions to the team members so that everyone can focus on work?  Will there be team agreements that everyone will hold each other accountable to?

There is a lot of cultural aspects that are totally focused on making the team work together.  Those are the ones I suggest you focus on.  Focus on how the corporate/organizational culture will change to empower teams to be successful and honor the commitment to using the Scrum framework. 

Multi-country, multi-race, multi-gender type issues are more for corporate focus and are part of the inclusive culture of an organization. 

09:18 am May 13, 2021

Try this exercises to improve team focus about value

Set clear goals for the product and for the team - I assure you that thanks to this, the team will be driven to action

  1. Give yourself up to a discussion about the goals and WHY it is being pursued
  2. Share knowledge about the product and the company's vision
  3. Offer the team a game in which they write down their personal goals
  4. Put all goals for both the team and the product on the board
  5. Let the team define final goal, taking into account the vision of the product and its personal values

People need something to follow often product goal is not enough