Depending on Real Experience to Pass PSM 2 Can be Dangerous ?

Last post 06:45 am May 10, 2021
by Tomasz Głowacki
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04:22 am May 10, 2021

I've worked with around 4 organizations, although all of them implemented Scrum like process but none of them followed Scrum rules 100%, let alone following all the best practices in PSM 2 Material. So I think, suggesting others to use their experience to pass PSM 2 can be dangerous and harmful. For most Scrum Masters(or similar roles), using their experience to pass PSM 2 will result in failure.

I'm not a Scrum Master, I was a team lead in the past and a developer. I'm thinking about migrating to management position, that's why I took 2 PSM exams. I passed PSM 2 by reading a lot of materials and taking a lot of mock tests out there. If I had used my own observation of how a Scrum Master worked based on my experience, I would have failed the exam. Luckily, I knew that I was going to fail if I did it. Although the material covered by PSM 2 is good, but it's just a theory. Most organizations who use Scrum can't even follow basic Scrum rules fully because they have their own constraints that prevent them to do that.

06:45 am May 10, 2021

I think that in my case PSM2 was easier than PSM1, because it based on real experience. It all depends from what your organization implements. I would suggest to have couple years of experience, but also to be critical what is Scrum and what is not. Even if your company has additional boundaries that makes Scrum less effective (whatever it is starting from HR development frameworks, trough reporting activities etc.) awareness of bad practises together with real experience how it works at your place is great for PSM2.