How are Scrum Values interconnected to each other ?

Last post 05:03 am May 11, 2021
05:03 am May 11, 2021

As we are human beings not a robot so our emotions drive our behavior over IT Codes. We always love to work in an environment where we are cared, co-operated & appreciated which makes us feel like we are important in the team. We feel happy & motivated when we work in an environment where we consistently collaborate i.e. communicate, care, share, support, discuss, listen, learn, guide, think & thank together as a true team. Indeed care, co-operation & appreciation are an epitome of Respect which is one of the Scrum Values.

As Scrum Team often surges in small steps towards a complex Goal via uncertain path which can’t be achieved until  Product Owner - Developers - Scrum Master (rowers) tightly hold each other with Respect to Commit for developing the Valuable Increment together (rowing the boat together) with a Focus on the Sprint Goal in short term & the Product Goal in long term (destination) by keeping an Open mind with Courage to face the uncertain challenges i.e. impediments (the high tide of sea waves).

Indeed Scrum Values are also very helpful to a Product Owner where Product owner Focuses on the customer’s problems & requirements, Commits to stakeholders to deliver Value in a Sprint, Opens to the developers with the crystal clear details about the Product Goal & the Product Backlog Items, Respects the feedback of both Stakeholders & Developers & shows Courage to optimize the Value of the Product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team.


Let’s see, how “Respect” act as a Foundation Stone for other Scrum Values ?

If a Scrum Team Respects each other, the team can successfully collaborate & self-manage. A Respected Scrum Team gets a sense of self-importance & satisfaction. The culture of Respect encourages the team to Commit to work together in order to achieve the Goal. A Respected & Committed Scrum Team Focuses on the work together right from prioritization till its execution in order to achieve the Goal. While ordering the work items or working on it, they keep their mind Open to adapt any new work or challenges whenever any emerged new need is inspected while consistently marching with small steps towards a complex Product Goal. 

The Respect followed by Commitment followed by Focus followed by Openness finally makes the team Courageous to continuously experiment, make mistakes & fail until the team gets success to invent the mutually agreed precise path in order to deliver a simple Valuable Increment. 


Scrum encompasses 5 Scrum Values which can be abbreviated as “FORCC” where “F” stands for “Focus”, “O” stands for “Openness”, “R” stands for “Respect”, “C” stands for “Commitment” & another “C” stands for “Courage”. 

5 Scrum Values  i.e. “FORCC“

Commitment to achieve the Goal & Work Together

Focus on Work to achieve the Goal

Open to New Work & Challenges 

Respect each other & get Respected

Courage to chase uncertain Challenges